Not to complain, but it’s really been over-the-top around here lately with the natural disasters and calamities. Earthquake, hail, snakes, hurricane—give me a ding dang break. And while none of these in itself is so awful, when you start stacking them up like that, it’s very disruptive. Plus two of those things are bad news for anyone battling an erosion problem, as I am.

I was very unhappy about Hurricane Irene as I knew all the water was going to run through the Two Tree Bed and wash out all the nice compost. But then Bob, that genius of a man, came up with the idea of sandbagging on the hill above the bed using bags of compost and dirt. So we did, and I’m happy to report it worked beautifully. There was very little damage to the bed.

Compost Sand-Bags

Still, there is undeniably a problem with rain runoff from the road above the bed. I think the problem is that the grass, weeds really, has grown thin by the area where we park. I’m going to have to install sod by the parking area.

One really great thing about Hurricane Irene was that she made the soil so soft that I was able to pull up my gladioli bulbs over by the stairs to the driveway by their tops. I didn’t have to dig at all. Then I cut off their tops and laid them out on the table on the deck to dry before I put them away for the winter. So easy.

Aside from the bulb pulling up, I spent today untying things that were tied down, picking up downed branches, and humming There’s Got to Be a Morning After from the 1972 blockbuster The Poseidon Adventure, starring Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons, and Shelly Winters. The day after a hurricane truly is beautiful.



  1. You my buddy are a genius

  2. blanket says:

    Wooow… less than 100 comments!!… I have to take advantage of this and write my comment on your blog… ok… what should I write??… mmm, I don’t think my criminal history would help me gain your sympathy, uh?? haha… anyway, I just want you to know that I think you’re a breathtaking blogger and writer… so, thanks for that.. now I know I’m not a robot. well, this comment is gettin’ too long to be read, so i’ll stop now…

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