Since I wrote last, Hurricane Lee slapped us hard. The rain was torrential.

A River Ran Through it

The Two Tree bed did amazingly well thanks to some well placed sod that served to divert most of the runoff from the road. The rain ran down the middle of the yard—river like, but better there than through the new Two Tree bed.


The Lakshmi bed, on the other hand, became a pond.
The Lakshmi bed is named for the Hindu Goddess who brings prosperity. You want Lakshmi to find your home clean, beautiful and excellent so she’ll be attracted to it. That’s why the Lakshmi bed is by the front door. Happily, Lakshmi isn’t expected for a few weeks because Hurricane Lee, left the Lakshmi bed in pretty bad shape. There’s even moss growing in there—and the bed does get sunlight.

So once the water level went down, I cleaned it up and put down a nice layer of compost. I hope everyone in the bed appreciates the attention and fine fine nutrients.


Notice the coffee filter around the primrose. Something was eating it—either those roly-poly bugs or slugs. Slugs don’t like to cross coffee grounds so I try to surround the little plants with grounds. But when I run short, I use the filter itself.

No Slugs Here

That’s why I always buy the brown kind. They look better than the white ones splayed out in your flower beds.

I hope it doesn’t turn out to be those roly-poly bugs because I don’t know what to do about them. I like to garden organically, but I confess, I often resort to something poisonous when pressed. These primroses have been having a rough time of it.

What I have to wonder is how these rotten little creatures are able to survive these hurricanes.