Rose of Sharon in the Two Tree Bed

I know it’s awfully late in the season to be talking about first blooms, but the two tree bed is a new bed (I don’t even have everything planted in it yet) and the Rose of Sharon that Danny the Geologist from across the street gave me happens to be the first flower to bloom in it. This poor plant was completely neglected last year and then just left out in a pot. I thought it was dead at one point. Then, well into Spring, I noticed that it was making little buds. I put it in the ground but really did not expect much from it. And now, it has given me a beautiful flower. It must have been the apology I gave it when I was planting it—or maybe the water and compost.

Rose of Sharon

If you ever have the opportunity to get a plant from Danny the Geologist, jump at it. He propagates plants with character.



We have an area between two tall oaks. It’s a bit of a problematic area as there are roots showing so you can’t mow there, and there’s a small erosion problem. I decided to create a large bed in and around the area.

Two Tree Bed "Before"


Last night I ordered 50 Liriope Muscari “Royal Purple” aka Lilyturf.

I plan to use the lilyturf to border the area. In the middle I have already got a smattering of Vinca and a young Rose of Sharon. The soil there is not good: hard, slightly alkaline, rocky. I also ordered a 2-3/4″ auger that I can use with a drill to make the holes but my husband says it won’t work due to the rocks and roots. I got some mulch (my compost pile currently has a nest of yellow jackets living in it so my beautiful compost is not available until Winter begins), and some 10-10-10 fertilizer to augment the fabulousness of the soil.

I spent some time today trying to clean up the area—weeding, removing pebbles. Then it got too hot to work. It has occurred to me that this project may be a lot bigger than I thought.